Since we are flexible and adjust to our clients’ individual needs, we never work in the same way.

Our basic services include:

  • representation in courts, public administration and other bodies;
  • defence in criminal cases;
  • representation of parties injured by an offence as well as private or auxiliary prosecutors;
  • monitoring of monies due, debt collection;
  •  incorporation, transformation and liquidation of companies, a natural person’s individual business activity as well as foundations, associations and other similar entities;
  • preparation of draft contracts as well as other documents of legal importance;
  • giving legal opinions;
  • preparation of pleadings (a statement of claim, a complaint, an appeal, a cassation, etc.);
  • negotiations, mediations, acting as an intermediary in establishing economic relations;
  • complex service of investment projects;
  • trainings concerning aspects of using law in practice while running one’s own business activity.